About Me


Ezra is an aspiring lived experience advocate / speaker who has been spreading awareness of gender diversity and mental health disorders on- and offline since 2015. Though they initially started their journey on Youtube, they have since appeared as a panelist for Out For Australia in 2019 where they contributed to the discussion of LGBTQ+ stories and support needed within the workplace.

Ezra proudly identifies as Queer, both as a means to reclaim the label while also using it as a catch-all of their identities as someone who is nonbinary, demisexual, panromantic, and polyamorous. Along with producing video content, Ezra is an aspiring writer, which they began exploring through blogging along with private pieces as a means of processing their trauma. Though their initial Youtube channel AgenderAgenda began as a means of documenting their transition as a nonbinary person, they have since started a new channel called Axolotls in a Trenchcoat, in which they document their life healing from childhood trauma and how the intersections of mental health, race, queerness and neurodivergency impact their livelihood. The primary content of the channel has been about their experience as a person with parts (Dissociative Identity Disorder), however, they recently have been branching out their discussions to encompass the aforementioned experiences.

Ezra currently lives in Sydney, Australia and is open to networking, keynote speeches based on their own lived experience, writing online, panels, and podcast experiences. Though they are just branching out to spaces other than their self-made brand, financial contributions for such appearances would be appreciated, though not always necessary and would be determined by a case-by-case basis.

How can you reach Ezra? Send them an email, or Tweet them 🙂